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Cyber Security Horror Stories

How Extortion, Bribery and Connected Systems Have Changed the Payoff for Hackers

When It Comes To Cyber Threats, Some Things Have Changed, and Some Things Will NEVER Change

What hasn’t changed is that the internet is continuously patrolled by cyber predators who are looking for any possible way to take control of your data and systems. These bad guys still rely on social engineering to trick and manipulate people so that they can bypass technical layers of security in order to get to their payoff.

What has changed is that hacker tactics continue to evolve as technology progresses, and they’re not always looking for bitcoin payment, but for doorways to bigger targets.

The bad guys have also changed their ransomware game.

Apparently, too many data heists have been left dead in the water because the victims refused to pay the ransom. Instead of threatening to hold on to data, hackers are resorting to extortion, promising that they’ll release confidential data to the public unless their victim meets their terms.

Join us to hear three TRUE stories of cyber attacks that illustrate these aspects of the current threat landscape. We’ll talk through what happened and the lessons that we can learn to improve security and lessen the risk of a cyber attack.

In this 15-minute masterclass, you'll learn:

  • How the fifth largest public school district in the US became a victim of a cyber attack
  • Reasons why extortion can increase the odds that a cyber criminal gets paid.
  • How cyber criminals used bribery to try to get into the Tesla network
  • What happened when a managed IT service company (not us!) got hacked
  • How you can be confident that your IT team is doing what they need to do to safeguard your people, data and network

About the Presenter

Shantae - circle

Shantae' Hansen,
Business Development Executive

Shantae’ is a Business Development Executive for Accent Computer Solutions, Inc. She earned her B.S. in Organizational Management from University of La Verne in 2015 and a graduate member of the prestigious Alpha Chi National College Honor Society.
From her first role at Accent as a Client Success Manager to her latest position as Business Development Executive, Shantae’s immersion within technology spans further than her just tenure. She lifts up her team with a dynamic mix of motivation and organization and works closely with clients to ensure they can achieve their business goals without technology getting in the way.