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Business Technology Planning
for 2021 Success

7 Elements to Enable Your Goals and Avoid Costly Surprises

Now that 2020 is under your belt, how do you feel about planning for 2021? Uncertain?

At the risk of using one of the most overused words from 2020, uncertainty can be an obstacle for planning.

But if you don’t plan, you’re destined to be reactive. Being proactive is much better, even if circumstances change your course along the way.

Whether your 2021 business plan is complete or still in the process of being drafted, including a Business Technology Plan can enable your goals and help you avoid costly surprises.

Join Corey Kaufman and Jackson Roberts to learn how supporting your business goals with technology can actually give you more flexibility so that when there is a surprise, it doesn’t turn into unproductive employees, unforeseen downtime, and unhappy customers.

In this executive webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to connect technology improvements to your business goals
  • Three technologies we already know are going end-of-life this year
  • Why cyber risk management should be a goal for every organization
  • The new "basic cyber security" requirements to keep your data safe (and to keep you in compliance)
  • Next steps to build your business technology plan

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